Our process clears the fog surrounding your purpose and future

Is a blueprint right for you?

The best way to determine if a Blueprint is right for you is to speak to us directly about the challenges your business is facing and the objectives you want to achieve

  • Give us your undivided attention for six half-day sessions. No phones, no email, no distractions.
  • Prepare to step outside the daily concerns of your business and let go of your preconceptions.
  • Make use of our comfortable, welcoming downtown space and delve into the workings of your organization with our expert guidance.
  • We formulate a Unifying Proposition that expresses your true purpose and direction.
  • We analyse every aspect of your business, choosing which to retain and which are no longer serving you.

We have successfully conducted over 300 Blueprints in the last decade. We have worked with many businesses, large and small, who have overcome challenges just like yours. From increasing sales to owning your market; whatever you goal, we can help. Use the contact form below to reach out, ask questions, or book a consultation.

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Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

"The high-profile clients who engage this public relations firm expect nothing but the best. Navigator’s Unifying PropositionTM helps attract and retain their very select clientele."

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

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Create a clear, concise and compelling strategic filter that guides every decision you make and every action you take.


Clarity gives your leadership team the elevated confidence to boldly lead your organization into a bigger future.

Creativity and Innovation

Inspire your staff to be innovative by giving them a singular, tangible focus that triggers their creativity.

New Revenue

Discover new markets to penetrate and revenue generating ideas that you never imagined before.

More Sales, Faster and Easier

Arm your leadership and sales team with one clear, concise and compelling statement of purpose for pitches, meetings and presentations.

Our Methodology Explained

“A must read for anyone who wants sales to come faster and easier. It picks up where Simon Sinek’s Start with Why leaves off.”

Jamie Watt

Executive Chairman of Navigator

and CBC-TV commentator


Whether you are in retail, business to business, business to consumer, professional services or philanthropy, engaging Blueprint’s founders to speak at your conference, convention or corporate event will give your attendees entertaining insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain business environment.