Answer the most important question in business

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Learn why traditional business practices – such as mission, vision and values, or selling with features and benefits – leave businesses vulnerable in the uncertain economy of the future.

In Why Should I Choose You?, co-authors Ian Chamandy and Ken Aber describe in detail their unique methodology for strategic planning – called Blueprinting – that replaces many of the traditional business practices that have become ineffective or obsolete.


Find out how answering a single simple question brings clarity to every part of your organization and becomes a powerful driver for success. Discover the critical difference between what you’re selling and what your prospective customers are buying, and how to close the gap. Ian Chamandy and Ken Aber have led businesses and nonprofits of all sizes to success. Why Should I Choose You? will show you how.

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Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

"The high-profile clients who engage this public relations firm expect nothing but the best. Navigator’s Unifying PropositionTM helps attract and retain their very select clientele."

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

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Accelerate your growth with Blueprint

60 second book excerpts

The Value of Clarity

Ian Chamandy asks whether the executive team at your company is excited and passionate about your strategic plan. If they aren’t, this may be because they don’t have a clear, concise, and compelling understanding of where your company is going. In our book, Why Should I Choose You?, we teach you how to create an inspiring strategic plan that compels people to implement it.

What Customers are Buying VS. What You are Selling

In sales meetings, are your customers actually excited about buying your products or services? Ian Chamandy explains that if they aren’t, this may be because you’re focused on what you are selling, and not what your customers are buying. The fundamental difference between the two has a huge impact on the sales process. Learn about this difference and how to use it to your advantage in our book, Why Should I Choose You?.


Aligning your operations

Break down the barriers between both business functions and lines of business.

Leading your business with clarity

Communicate the full value of your company to all stakeholders.

Inspiring fresh thinking

Great things happen when employees buy in.

Clients compelled to choose you

Seize their attention with one intriguing phrase.