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CTV Interview: What All Businesses Can Learn From The Oil Sands Travails

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Watch Blueprint’s interview from September 13, 2015

The CEO of GE Oil & Gas called out his Alberta colleagues in the oil sands for not adopting environmental and cost saving innovations faster.  In the emerging values-based economy driven by the morality of both millennials and baby boomers, Blueprint contends that misalignment between the practices of oils sands producers and the values of ordinary people seriously inhibits the ability of these companies to garner any public support for development and pipelines.  We believe that unless these companies demonstrate a transformational change in how they manage the environmental impact of their work, Canadians will continue to object to pipelines.

The bigger picture is having a realistic understanding of where you are now, where the future is for your organization and adapting to that new future with speed and agility.  This is what GE Oil & Gas’ CEO was alluding to in his speech.  In our book, “Why Should I Choose You?” (answering the single most important question in business in 7 words or less), we describe in detail about how to define your future – what business you are really in – and determine the implications of that new future on everything you do and say.

Also in this segment, we discuss Uber’s transformation – in just six months – from a sharp-elbowed, arrogant company to one that is putting on a meaningful charm offensive by delivering value and responding to challenges (e.g., insurance) quickly.

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