inspire others to share your passion

Discover and convey the driving purpose

behind your business



Break down the barriers between both business functions and lines of business.

Business functions and lines of business often work in silos because there are no systemic imperatives for, or motivation to, break down those walls and work together. Your Unifying Proposition brings all business functions and units into alignment, working in an integrated way because they are working towards a common goal.

LeadING your business with clarity

Communicate the full value of your company to all stakeholders.

Your Blueprint reveals value in your company that you never knew existed. All of your marketing and sales communications become far more powerful when they reflect the full value of your company.

InspirING fresh thinking

Great things happen when employees buy in.

Peter Drucker famously said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. We define culture as “how employees cooperate”. When employees are inspired by the plan, they are compelled to work together to make it happen because they feel like they are making a difference in the world and they understand their role in making that difference.

Clients compelled to choose you

Seize their attention with one intriguing phrase.

In a crowded marketplace, you have only moments to prove that your business is different. Blueprinting gives you an invaluable tool – the Unifying Proposition – that starts conversations with decision makers and leaves them wanting to know more.


A Blueprint captures the DNA of your company

Blueprint distills the essence of your organization into a short phrase of 7 words or less. We call those 7 words or less your Unifying Proposition, and it is a powerful tool for aligning your operations, communications and culture.

Unlike a value proposition, which changes as market conditions and consumer attitudes change, your Unifying Proposition never changes, even though how you bring it to life will change over time. In a compelling way, it allows each of your stakeholders to quickly understand the value that you provide.

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

"The high-profile clients who engage this public relations firm expect nothing but the best. Navigator’s Unifying PropositionTM helps attract and retain their very select clientele."

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

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Accelerate your growth with Blueprint

Blueprint Provides the Tools to Bring Your Company:


Create a clear, concise and compelling strategic filter that guides every decision you make and every action you take.

If you asked 40 of your employees what business you are really in, how many answers would you get? Having a clear, concise and czompelling answer to the question “Why should I choose you?” – in 7 words or less – will give you complete clarity about who you are as a business and where you are going. It is like the veil lifts and the fog clears for the leadership and employees in the organization, and your 7 Words Or Less shape every area of the business.


Clarity gives your leadership team the elevated confidence to boldly lead your organization into a bigger future.

We have always known a longtime client of ours to be a very confident leader. He told us that understanding what business his company was really in and being able to articulate it in 7 words or less gave he and his employees a confidence – which he describes as “a well deserved swagger” – that they never had before. Imagine how much more effectively your employees would pitch business and service clients if they exuded confidence about what your company does.

Creativity and Innovation

Inspire your staff to be innovative by giving them a singular, tangible focus that triggers their creativity.

The Unifying Proposition of a client of ours is “Opening sooner.” The moment she heard it, the woman in charge of RFPs for this client said, “We need to start submitting our RFPs three days in advance of the closing date instead of at the last minute like everyone else does.” She wanted to make a statement about getting finished faster by always submitting them early. This is how a Unifying Proposition triggers creativity that leads to innovation.

New Revenue

Discover new markets to penetrate and revenue generating ideas that you never imagined before.

We all operate with blinders on that hide opportunities for sales. How narrow or wide these blinders are is dependent on how we define our companies. The focus provided by a Unifying Proposition actually widens the blinders and exposes opportunities for revenue that you never knew existed.

More Sales, Faster and Easier

Give your management and staff a clear, concise and compelling answer to your prospects' most important question: “Why should I choose you?”

Most companies define themselves by their category (e.g. packaged goods) or by what they sell (e.g. cars). Your Blueprint reframes your company around what your customers are buying, which is fundamentally different from – and far more powerful than – what you are selling. Understanding your company this way makes it far easier to sell and transforms your employees into brand evangelists.



  • Redefine the business architecture of your organization and align all of its processes to a single focus.
  • Develop a distinct, compelling and easy-to-explain sales pitch for all of your stakeholders.
  • Unearth the core purpose of your organization, and reveal what services are truly aligned to it.


  • Discover what makes your organization uniquely remarkable.
  • Create a clear and compelling identity for your business.
  • Ensure the alignment of your management and staff to your company’s vision

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Our Methodology Explained

“A must read for anyone who wants sales to come faster and easier. It picks up where Simon Sinek’s Start with Why leaves off.”

Jaime Watt

Executive Chairman of Navigator

and CBC-TV commentator


Whether you are in retail, business to business, business to consumer, professional services or philanthropy, engaging Blueprint’s founders to speak at your conference, convention or corporate event will give your attendees entertaining insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain business environment.