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How A Blueprint Transforms You, Not Just Your Company

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Watch Neil’s 1 minute video

We were once asked in a new business pitch to the Board of Directors “What intrigues you about us as a client?  Is it that you can pitch other businesses like ours if you are successful?”

We were a little taken aback because that hadn’t crossed our minds.  We explained to them that what we really love about Blueprinting a company is how we transform the people.  They see the company in a fundamentally different way – a much bigger way – because how the business is reframed creates so much more opportunity for new revenue.  This completely changes how the leadership team and everyone else in the organization thinks about the business…and themselves (including the Board and investors).  In other words, it changes them.  They are more confident, optimistic and motivated because they have complete clarity about who the company is, where it is going and how it will get there.

Watch this 1 minute video of Neil Shepherd talking about his experience with the Blueprint process to see the dramatic impact it can have on a company and its people.

In our book, “Why Should I Choose You?” (answering the single most important question in business in 7 words or less), we describe in detail the 5 major benefits of a Blueprint (single, compelling focus; confidence; new revenue streams; creativity and innovation; faster, easier sales).

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