Blueprinting challenges you to refine your thinking and discover your real identity

Game Changing

A Blueprint captures the DNA of your company

Blueprint distills the essence of your organization into a short phrase of 7 words or less. We call those 7 words or less your Unifying Proposition, and it is a powerful tool for aligning your operations, communications and culture.


Unlike a value proposition, which changes as market conditions and consumer attitudes change, your Unifying Proposition never changes, even though how you bring it to life will change over time. In a compelling way, it allows each of your stakeholders to quickly understand the value that you provide.


Your Unifying Proposition is game changing because it instantly refocuses and realigns your business. By capturing what you do and what you aspire to be in one simple phrase, you empower every member of your organization from top to bottom to enact those values in everything they do.




We define who you are at your very core – at the DNA level – in seven words or less by answering the question “Why should I choose you?“ This becomes the strategic filter that guides everything you do and say as an organization. For your executive team and every one of your employees, it guides every decision they make and every action they take, so that all of the activities of the company are fully aligned with where it is going.




We use your Unifying Proposition to shape everything you do. We hold it up to every material part of your business and ask the question, “Is it aligned with your DNA?” If it is, that’s great. If it isn’t, we determine what has to be done to align that part of your business with your DNA.




Once we have taken care of the substance of your company – its Business Architecture – we use your Unifying Proposition to create your Core Story. You will use your Core Story to guide everything that your company says, both externally and internally. As a part of facilitating the change your business requires, you will use it to guide the creation of your branding, marketing and sales materials, employee communications, investor relations and board communications.

Accelerate your growth with Blueprint

Total clarity from the top down and the bottom up

Our unique process leaves nothing to chance

The Blueprinting process starts with gathering four key members of your organization in our welcoming space in downtown Toronto. Within our four walls, nothing is sacred; we work together for six intensive sessions of structured, nonlinear conversation. While this sounds like a contradiction, this unique approach is necessary to stimulate real creativity, challenging preconceptions at every turn.


Freed from the everyday distractions of your workplace, your team works with Ken Aber and Ian Chamandy on a deep analysis of your company. We don’t believe in notes or homework, just undivided attention on the process. We tear your business apart in order to reveal its core DNA and purpose – because your future is too important to leave to chance.


Finally, Blueprint distills the essence of your organization into a short phrase of 7 words or less. We call those 7 words or less your Unifying Proposition™ and it is a powerful tool for aligning your operations, communications and culture. At the end of the Blueprinting process, you’ll view your organization in a new light.

Why Blueprinting works

“Our Blueprint shifted our thinking and the way that we approach things in the future.”

Carol Annett, CEO – VHA Home Healthcare

Blueprinting is a collaborative process in which the business leaders focus solely on the company’s future for six half-day sessions.

Company executives are often frustrated because their days are consumed with dealing with tactical issues and putting out fires. Blueprint sessions insulate you from all of that noise so that you focus solely on defining the company’s future

We tear apart your business and every material aspect is either justified or rejected.

We tear your business apart and we question everything. Nothing is left to chance. Every element of your business model has to survive this intense scrutiny in order to justify its survival.

Raw thinking – the business leaders are forced to talk and work through issues.

This is your future, so nothing can be left to chance. It requires an intellectual rigor – both yours and ours – in which the most intractable problems of your business are resolved in a collaborative debate.

It is an honest process – absolutely nothing is sacred.

There is no place for weak ideas to hide in Blueprint sessions. The process enforces an honesty on the discussion that doesn’t allow politics or personal bias to get in the way of what is in the best interest of the business.

"A Faster Path To Monetization"

Bloom Burton - Medical Investment Bank

The complex nature of Bloom Burton’s offering had created a fragmented sales story that was confusing to clients and employees alike. What they needed most was clarity.

Our Unifying PropositionTM was the common thread that tied all of our services together” - Brian Bloom, President, Bloom Burton

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"Treating you like family"

Longos - Grocery Chain

This regional grocery chain offered better service than its larger competitors, but struggled to communicate their USP. Learning to articulate "the Longo's Difference" was a key.

"it is so easy to slip business speak, but our core Proposition always regrounds us in what matters to our customers and employees." - Anthony Longo, CEO, Longo's

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"Innovation in aging."

Baycrest Research and education hospital - hospital

As a combined hospital and research centre, Baycrest wanted to clarify its unusual dual purpose in the public eye. A blueprint let directly to culture change and expansion into China.

"Blueprint put into words why I was put on this planet: to do innovation in aging." -Dr. William E.Reichman, CEO, Baycrest Research and Education Hospital.

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"A Greater Degree of Certainty."

Ekcler Ltd - Actuarial Firm

Faced with a changing market, this actuarial firm needed to update their offering. A Blueprint helped them discover their corporate DNA and redefine what they could do for clients.

“The Blueprint showed us that our skills and services could be very broadly applicable, and opened areas for developing new business.” Jill Wagman, Principal, Eckler Ltd.

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"Open Sooner"

Interiors Inc - Shelving Installer

This family-owned construction and shelving company had a great reputation, but was struggling to define what set it apart when communicating with potential clients.

“Blueprint gave me a clear, concise and compelling answer to the question “Why should I choose you?”” - John Panigas, CEO Interiors Inc.

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Aligning your operations

Break down the barriers between both business functions and lines of business.

Leading your business with clarity

Communicate the full value of your company to all stakeholders.

Inspiring fresh thinking

Great things happen when employees buy in.

Clients compelled to choose you

Seize their attention with one intriguing phrase.

Our Methodology Explained

“A must read for anyone who wants sales to come faster and easier. It picks up where Simon Sinek’s Start with Why leaves off.”

Jaime Watt

Executive Chairman of Navigator

and CBC-TV commentator


Whether you are in retail, business to business, business to consumer, professional services or philanthropy, engaging Blueprint’s founders to speak at your conference, convention or corporate event will give your attendees entertaining insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain business environment.