Leave meaningless value statements behind in favour of a strategy that inspires


Traditional strategic planning doesn’t answer who you are

Traditional strategic planning answers two questions: “Where you going?” and “How will you get there?” However, it is missing the first question: “Who are you?” This is the most critical question in the process because it lays the foundation for where you are going and how you will get there.

You already have the answers! We’re here to tease them out

Nobody knows more about your business than you. You’ve worked in the industry for years and you’ve read all the research. Blueprinting is a process that teases the golden nuggets out of you, simplifies them and organizes them into a coherent and compelling future for your company.

No need for vision, mission and values

Most companies spend a lot of time, energy and money developing vision, mission and values…and then they forget them. Your Blueprint provides far more powerful guidance to everything you do and say than vision, mission and values.

Create a more powerful focus for your organization

If you are like most companies, you have a very clear understanding of what you are selling. But knowing what your customers are buying, which is fundamentally different, is far more powerful. It gives your people a new focus that is based on an understanding of, and empathy for, the real needs of customers.

Breaking the mold

Blueprinting drives tangible change

The traditional strategic planning process usually goes something like this: Companies typically go away on a two-day retreat, grinding through the same agenda year after year and returning on Monday chanting “Rah, rah, rah, new plan, new plan”. However, by Thursday they are back to the same old routine. We firmly believed that there must be a way to do this where people are so inspired by the plan that they are compelled to implement it. The Blueprint is a unique solution to the traditional strategic planning problem that drives real change.

Strategic Planning and the 5° Rule


The 5° Rule: if you are off by 5° coming out of the gate, you're going to be off by 45° by the time you're a couple of miles down the road.


Traditional strategic planning answers the questions "Where are you going?" and "How will you get there?"


It is essential to answer the question "Who are you?" before contemplating where you're going and how you'll get there.


Blueprint was created to answer the question "Who are you?" in 7 words or less.


Your seven words or less – what we call your Unifying Proposition – becomes the single focus for the company, the purpose that keeps it on a singular track.

Accelerate your growth with Blueprint

"A Faster Path To Monetization"

Bloom Burton - Medical Investment Bank

The complex nature of Bloom Burton’s offering had created a fragmented sales story that was confusing to clients and employees alike. What they needed most was clarity.

Our Unifying PropositionTM was the common thread that tied all of our services together” - Brian Bloom, President, Bloom Burton

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"Treating you like family"

Longos - Grocery Chain

This regional grocery chain offered better service than its larger competitors, but struggled to communicate their USP. Learning to articulate "the Longo's Difference" was a key.

"it is so easy to slip business speak, but our core Proposition always regrounds us in what matters to our customers and employees." - Anthony Longo, CEO, Longo's

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"Innovation in aging."

Baycrest Research and education hospital - hospital

As a combined hospital and research centre, Baycrest wanted to clarify its unusual dual purpose in the public eye. A blueprint let directly to culture change and expansion into China.

"Blueprint put into words why I was put on this planet: to do innovation in aging." -Dr. William E.Reichman, CEO, Baycrest Research and Education Hospital.

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"A Greater Degree of Certainty."

Ekcler Ltd - Actuarial Firm

Faced with a changing market, this actuarial firm needed to update their offering. A Blueprint helped them discover their corporate DNA and redefine what they could do for clients.

“The Blueprint showed us that our skills and services could be very broadly applicable, and opened areas for developing new business.” Jill Wagman, Principal, Eckler Ltd.

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"Open Sooner"

Interiors Inc - Shelving Installer

This family-owned construction and shelving company had a great reputation, but was struggling to define what set it apart when communicating with potential clients.

“Blueprint gave me a clear, concise and compelling answer to the question “Why should I choose you?”” - John Panigas, CEO Interiors Inc.

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Whether you are in retail, business to business, business to consumer, professional services or philanthropy, engaging Blueprint’s founders to speak at your conference, convention or corporate event will give your attendees entertaining insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain business environment.

Leadership team


A founding partner of Blueprint, Ken has spent his entire career creating innovative strategic partnerships and media programs for blue chip companies in Canada, and has led marketing and communications programs in the categories of beer, fast food, packaged goods, financial services, automotive and tourism. Ken has a MBA from Harvard University.


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Prior to founding Blueprint, Ian Chamandy spent 15 years running YOUtv, a company that developed, sold and managed format licenses and marketing programs around the world. He also designed and executed branding, marketing and communications for Procter & Gamble, Bell, Warner Lambert, Labatt, Molson, Loblaws and The Lung Association in Canada, and Kroger and New York State Department of Health in the US. He has a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo.


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Our Methodology Explained

“A must read for anyone who wants sales to come faster and easier. It picks up where Simon Sinek’s Start with Why leaves off.”

Jaime Watt

Executive Chairman of Navigator

and CBC-TV commentator


Aligning your operations

Break down the barriers between both business functions and lines of business.

Leading your business with clarity

Communicate the full value of your company to all stakeholders.

Inspiring fresh thinking

Great things happen when employees buy in.

Clients compelled to choose you

Seize their attention with one intriguing phrase.