The more we explored the question “Why would I choose you?”, the more we realized its reach extended well beyond marketing.

All of the following questions are variations on “Why would I choose you?” that have nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with every other aspect of your organization.

So it stands to reason that having a clear, concise and compelling answer to the question “Why would I choose you?” will shape every area of your business. We discovered two things when we really, really nailed the answer to the question “Why would I choose you?” for our clients:

It could always be answered in seven words or less. These seven words or less defines who you are – at your core – as an organization.

Answering the question “Why should I choose you?” became the basis for our unique approach to strategic planning, which is driven by a very simple idea:

If you can identify who you are as a company at your core, it will guide everything you do and say.

How you operate, create products, develop talent and manage your board (everything you do), and how you brand, market, sell and communicate to stakeholders (everything you say) are all extensions of who you are.






Ken has spent his entire career creating innovative strategic partnerships and media programs for blue chip companies in Canada. Ken led marketing and communications programs in the categories of beer, fast food (McDonalds, etc), packaged goods, financial services, automotive and tourism (Ontario Tourism, etc.).

Ken has a MBA from Harvard University.


Ian Chamandy is a founding partner, along with Ken Aber, of Blueprint Business Architecture, a company that developed a proprietary new methodology for strategic planning. Ian has co-facilitated the creation of well over 200 Blueprints for companies large and small, helping them define what makes them uniquely remarkable at their core – in seven words or less – and using this clear, concise and compelling statement as the basis for the company's future.

About one quarter of Blueprint's clients are in the not-for-profit world, helping organizations such as hospitals, universities and special-purpose charities define their unique purpose and leverage that to increase donations.

Ian is the co-author of the book “Why should I choose you?” – Answering the single most important strategic question in business in seven words or less, which is published by HarperCollins.

Prior to Blueprint, Ian co-founded, and spent 15 years running, YOUtv, a company that developed, sold and managed format licenses and marketing programs around the world for the “Speakers Corner” programming concept. In this capacity, Ian created branding, marketing and sales strategies for national broadcasters and local TV stations, including CBS, Fox, Post Newsweek and Meredith in the US, Flextech Television in the UK, Venevision in Venezuela, El Tiempo in Colombia, Jyrki In Finland, and Citytv, MuchMusic, CBC, YTV. He also designed and executed branding, marketing and communications programs for Procter & Gamble, Bell, Warner Lambert, Labatt, Molson, Loblaws and The Lung Association in Canada, and Kroger and New York State Department of Health in the US.

Ian founded the Adopt An Athlete Foundation, which is now managed by the Canadian Olympic Committee.

He has a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Waterloo.