Undergoing a Blueprint will reinvigorate your company, defining what it is at its core and providing a clear and compelling framework for all strategic, operational, and communication decisions.

We have 12 years of proven success in giving organizations new clarity and confidence. See how these businesses have benefitted from developing clear and compelling unifying propositions.


"Open Sooner"

Interiors Inc - Shelving Installer

This family-owned construction and shelving company had a great reputation, but was struggling to define what set it apart when communicating with potential clients.

“Blueprint gave me a clear, concise and compelling answer to the question “Why should I choose you?”” - John Panigas, CEO Interiors Inc.

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"A Greater Degree of Certainty."

Ekcler Ltd - Actuarial Firm

Faced with a changing market, this actuarial firm needed to update their offering. A Blueprint helped them discover their corporate DNA and redefine what they could do for clients.

“The Blueprint showed us that our skills and services could be very broadly applicable, and opened areas for developing new business.” Jill Wagman, Principal, Eckler Ltd.

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"Innovation in aging."

Baycrest Research and education hospital - hospital

As a combined hospital and research centre, Baycrest wanted to clarify its unusual dual purpose in the public eye. A blueprint let directly to culture change and expansion into China.

"Blueprint put into words why I was put on this planet: to do innovation in aging." -Dr. William E.Reichman, CEO, Baycrest Research and Education Hospital.

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"Treating you like family"

Longos - Grocery Chain

This regional grocery chain offered better service than its larger competitors, but struggled to communicate their USP. Learning to articulate "the Longo's Difference" was a key.

"it is so easy to slip business speak, but our core Proposition always regrounds us in what matters to our customers and employees." - Anthony Longo, CEO, Longo's

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"A Faster Path To Monetization"

Bloom Burton - Medical Investment Bank

The complex nature of Bloom Burton’s offering had created a fragmented sales story that was confusing to clients and employees alike. What they needed most was clarity.

Our Unifying PropositionTM was the common thread that tied all of our services together” - Brian Bloom, President, Bloom Burton

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Anne Martin, CEO, United Van Lines

Past strategic planning sessions hadn’t delivered the results this moving company was hoping for. Blueprinting helped transform its culture.

Diane Dupuy, Founder, Famous People Players

This long-established theatre company was at a crossroads. Blueprinting showed them how to take their shared talents worldwide.

Chuck Jeannes, CEO, Goldcorp

When four companies came together to become one of the world’s largest gold producers, developing a sense of shared purpose was crucial.

Brad Milne, Co-Founder, Elevate Inc.

This startup was struggling with defining and pitching its specialised service. Clarifying their value enabled them to reassure clients while raising their prices.

Howard Pezim, Managing Director, The Bedford Consulting Group

One of Canada’s leading executive search firms was in the process of developing a new strategy. What was missing was a sense of brand clarity.

Jill Wagman, Principal, Eckler Ltd.

A weak brand identity was hurting this actuarial firm. A Blueprint helped them discover what made them valuable.

Dan McLellan, Executive VP, Deluxe

The executive team at Deluxe knew they had something special to offer; yet their pitches sounded just like those of their competitors. Blueprint brought out their talent for innovation.

Carol Annett, CEO, VHA Home Healthcare

Operating within a crowded marketplace, this healthcare provider needed to stand out. A shift of focus stimulated a whole new conversation with stakeholders.

Jaime Watt, Executive Chairman, Navigator

The high-profile clients who engage this public relations firm expect nothing but the best. Navigator’s Unifying PropositionTM helps attract and retain their very select clientele.

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  • Bod Rae

  • Brad's Ice Cream

  • Carparelli Guitars

  • Choices Inc

  • Click Media

  • Clik-Clik

  • CN Tower

  • Compliance Architecture

  • Connectus

  • Consul General of Canada (New York)

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  • Emeritus Financial

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  • Leapfone

  • Longos

  • Maple Leaf Foods

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  • Medcan

  • Merlin Family Homes

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  • Mississauga Golf and Country Club

  • MMarketing

  • Momentum Inc.

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  • Navigator

  • Newman clark

  • OAML

  • Offord Group

  • Peach Industrial Advertising

  • Peoplecount

  • Practice Perfect

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  • Rapport

  • Rotman School of Management

  • Scientific Intelligence

  • Scotiabank

  • Seamus O'Reagan

  • Spoke Club

  • Sutton Integrated

  • The shepherd Group

  • Thornmark Asset Management Inc.

  • Tom Anselmi

  • United Van Lines

  • VHA Home Healthcare


  • Aboriginal Human Resource Council

  • Algoma college

  • Baycrest Hospital

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Canadian Olympic Foundation

  • Children's Aid Foundation

  • City of Toronto



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  • Famous PEOPLE Players

  • Financial Intelligence

  • Girls20 Summit

  • Hourbourfront

  • Huron College

  • Invictus Games

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  • Laurier University

  • Lymphoma Foundation

  • Maytree Foundation

  • New Haven Learning Center

  • Nipissing University

  • North Bay General Hospital

  • Save The Children

  • Sick Kids

  • st.Joseph's Lifecare Foundation

  • STAND Canada

  • TIFF

  • TorontoEast General Hospital

  • True Patriot Love

  • TVO

  • University ofTel Aviv


  • Women's Brain Health Initiative

  • Woodgre


Aligning your operations

Break down the barriers between both business functions and lines of business.

Leading your business with clarity

Communicate the full value of your company to all stakeholders.

Inspiring fresh thinking

Great things happen when employees buy in.

Clients compelled to choose you

Seize their attention with one intriguing phrase.

Our Methodology Explained

“A must read for anyone who wants sales to come faster and easier. It picks up where Simon Sinek’s Start with Why leaves off.”

Jaime Watt

Executive Chairman of Navigator

and CBC-TV commentator


Whether you are in retail, business to business, business to consumer, professional services or philanthropy, engaging Blueprint’s founders to speak at your conference, convention or corporate event will give your attendees entertaining insights into what it takes to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain business environment.