CTV Interview: Inoculating Against Disruption

By evoke
August 18, 2015

The medical marijuana industry is only in its infancy and is already being disrupted by recreational marijuana retail and mail order outlets, which are not legal but operate openly and prolifically in Vancouver.

Ian Chamandy, co-author of Why Should I Choose You? and partner of Blueprint, talks with CTV anchor Brad Giffen about the underlying factors of this disruption and how branding is not a solution as this problem runs much deeper.

The challenge for medical marijuana companies is rooted in how they define themselves and how their current definition inhibits their ability to adapt in a business in which the sand is constantly shifting.

Blueprint’s book, “Why Should I Choose You?” (answering the single most important question in business in 7 words or less), describes in detail how to define your business – in 7 words or less – in a way that will inoculate you from disruptors and market shifts that can compromise your future.

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