CTV News Interview: How will Ed Burkhardt’s comments impact MMA Railway?

By evoke
July 15, 2013

On Saturday July 6th a Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway train carrying thousands of tons of crude oil exploded in the small town of Lac-Mégantic, Québec.

The traumatic event has attracted worldwide attention, however, one of the major focuses on this story has become the lack of empathy Ed Burkhardt, Chairman of MMA Railway, has expressed.

He arrived in Lac-Mégantic several days after the explosion and it seems that every time this man opens his mouth he offends more and more people.Currently, the exact cause of the explosion is not known, but MMA and its executive team need to start taking responsibility and showing some sincerity and empathy towards the victims and their families. See Blueprint on CTV News discussing this topic and what MMA Railway needs to do.

Watch full video here: Ed Burkhardt and MMA Railway

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