Insights from Leaders’ Lunches: New Year/10

By evoke
February 20, 2010

On a periodic basis, Blueprint hosts an event we call the Leaders’ Lunch. The purpose is to assemble a small group of leaders from business, the arts, philanthropy and politics to discuss an issue that is germane to the times. The following are the insights derived by the participants in the last two Leaders’ Lunches. The question discussed was:

What kind of mayor does Toronto need and how does that relate to leadership in general?

What Toronto needs

–  Toronto has lots of opportunity that it isn’t capitalizing on (TTC, Dundas Square, waterfront)

–  Toronto is muddling along, not preparing for the future

–  the city needs to define where it is and where it needs to go

–  bureaucracy and budget is no longer an excuse for lack of vision

Type of leaders

– manager vs transformer

– manager

  • maintains the status quo
  • good when significant change not required
  • smaller benefit but lower risk

– transformer

  • bold vision + ability to sell
  • necessary when significant change required
  • higher risk but bigger benefit

Because Toronto requires significant change, it requires a transformer

– must have the courage and ability to define a bold vision

– must have the ability to sell what needs to be accomplished (the bold vision)

– must have the confidence to assemble a strong team to do the day-to-day thinking and execution

– an effective transformer will inspire people to achieve more

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