Play the “Why should I choose you?” game

By evoke
July 2, 2008

We called about forty companies, large and small, and asked them “Why should I choose you?” Most of the time, the first response we got was “What do you mean?”, as if the question requires an explanation!

Then we got two kinds of answers: either bland generalities that apply equally badly to all of their competitors or very specific and valuable benefits – but ones that all of their competitors claimed to do as well. After pressing them to tell us what makes them unique, here is a sampling of the honest-to-goodness responses we got:

  • One of the largest computer companies in the world”The screws that bolt down our components inside the computer are stronger than anyone else’s screws.”
  • A major bank”Try everyone else and then you will come back to us.”
  • The president of a sales agency”I will call you back on Tuesday and let you know.”
  • A major Canadian airline”We have a lounge.”
  • A large North American car rental company”We won’t force you to take a certain car.”
  • A luxury car dealership”I have never been asked that question in 26 years!”
  • Another luxury car dealership”If I knew the answer to that question I would be the top dealership in the country.”

If you want to have some fun, play the game yourself. Next time you go shopping, ask the sales person in the store or on the phone why you should choose them. Watch and enjoy as they twist themselves into a pretzel trying, unsuccessfully, to find an intelligent answer to that question! But don’t have too much fun…can you answer the question yourself?

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