Progress report from Longo’s

By evoke
April 29, 2013

This unsolicited letter has been posted to our blog with Longo’s permission.

Hi Ian and Ken,

We just wanted to drop you a note updating on how we are progressing with our Blueprint implementation.  We have just completed a 2 day company conference inviting 500 Managers from all of our Stores, Support Centre, DC and Grocery Gateway business where we launched “Treating you Like family” in a big way.  Previous to the conference we have been using the Blueprint amongst our senior team and functional departments to build this year’s business plan focuses.

At the conference, Anthony opened by  making the connect to “Treating you like family” and sharing great customer service stories that demonstrate what we are doing well. We also had a guest panel that represented each of our key stakeholder groups- Longo’s family, Team Member, Customer, Vendor Partner, Community Partner- they each shared stories to further bring “Treating you like family” to life.  We then broke out into working sessions facilitated by senior leaders, store managers and family members on how to communicate “Treating you Like Family”  and how to action plan for addressing our gaps.

Attached is a video clip we developed to bring the blueprint  to life.

We hope all is well with you, thanks again for helping us get to the heart of our DNA and what makes us uniquely remarkable!


Your Longo’s Blueprint team!

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